My name is Kassie, and I don’t really know where to begin describing myself.

As a kid, my nickname was “Sassy,” born from the irony that I did not speak unless you were an immediate family member. Even then it was iffy. These days I’ve found my voice, but I am definitely a writer at heart. It gives me a chance to be a bit more thoughtful with my words.

What about the “Sweat”? I’ve always loved running around and sports stuff. I started running in college as stress relief, and ran my first half marathon my senior year. The following year was my first full marathon, and after that…I couldn’t get enough. Lately I’ve been taking a more balanced approach to my running by incorporating other workouts (strength training, yoga, hiking, etc).

This blog shares some ideas on staying healthy and balanced with food and exercise, celebrates the little things, embraces the messiness of life (not gonna pretend to be ‘Instagram perfect’ here), and hopefully makes life a little brighter for others, too.

**Disclaimer** I’m not a nutritionist/fitness trainer/any sort of doctor or health professional. Any ideas/opinions I share are mine alone, and they’re formed after some trial and error of finding out what works for me. I encourage anyone who reads this blog to do the same. After all, we’re all dealing with different lifestyles, health backgrounds, fitness levels, etc., so things that my body loves might not be what your body loves. Feel free to chime in with your own experiences and trial and error, too!