Happy Monday!

The coast of Maine got walloped by a storm this morning- high wind gusts and driving rain. The last I heard, there were a greater number of power outages than the Ice Storm of ’98 (hundreds of thousands). I got paranoid this morning as the lights flickered during my workout, so I ran over to the fridge and transferred the milk I’d pumped to the freezer, just in case we lost power (we didn’t). It was sunny, with a strong breeze, in Bar Harbor by noon…cool, Maine.

Rewinding back to Friday night when the weekend really started, we did our usual weekend movie night and watched Wind River. I highly recommend watching this-my brother told me it was good back when it was in theaters, but we finally got a chance to watch it on Friday night. On Sunday, I finally started watching season 2 of Stranger Things (only on episode 3 now, my days of binge watching seem to be at a standstill now that I’m off maternity leave.

Speaking of my brother, he mentioned watching The Babadook on Friday night, so I sent this meme (obviously).

We also spent some time Downeast this weekend. For these first 12 weeks of her life, Baby K has been pretty miserable in the car. I didn’t understand it- don’t babies just fall asleep on car rides?? (File this under sweeping baby generalizations my child is proving wrong here). Something magical happened and she was a doll for the entire ride to Milbridge and back- it’s potentially a fluke, but I’ll take it.

Took a walk on the beach- Baby K still loves her carrier (this is the Baby K’taan, she also has a Baby Bjorn carrier that her dad/Mimi use)! She has a great hat collection, I’m kind of jealous 😉

We also stopped in to say hi to Mimi and Uncle Boomer…who is also a coastal lovin’ pup.

Fitness-wise, I got out and ran six-ish miles on Saturday morning. It was almost 60 degrees, super warm for almost November (I remember some years getting snow before Halloween…this is not one of those years). Thanks to a timing mishap I ended up running along the route of a 5k that was happening (oops) but I had enough of a headstart that I didn’t actually get mixed up in the racers. I did stop at the water stop at the turnaround to be social for a bit, and realized just how much I miss racing…less than 1 month until my first 5k in 1.5 years! (We’re doing the local YMCA’s Turkey Trot-Baby K has a hat ready)

Sunday really was a lazy day. I woke up around 7 and did some cleaning, Baby K was occupied on her playmat while I did boring but necessary stuff. Around noon we did go for a walk on the Shore Path and did a loop through town for about 3 miles total. Once we got back home we took a long nap while the Pats played in the background.

We also watched Food Network because a) I can’t watch scary movies by myself anymore (Jeepers Creepers messed me up a few weeks ago) and b) Halloween Baking Wars are suddenly my favorite thing to watch. What I’m going to do after tomorrow is truly a mystery…at least The Nightmare Before Christmas still counts as a Christmas movie too 🙂

This week is going to be all over the place with some unexpected travel plans, but highlights will be finishing up Month 1 of Insanity Max 30 (eek), examining some of the most popular “Make money from your phone” things I’ve seen online (expect a blog post on this in the next month), a baby shower, and hoping the power stays on for the rest of the day!

How was your weekend?

What are your Halloween plans??

Weekend Recap: Coast Life
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