So I’m starting to realize a few things about motherhood.

Juggling things is HARD. For instance, realizing that I’ve gone another month without blogging. I haven’t been putting nearly as much time into studying for the ACE Exam as I wanted to be at this point.

To maintain sanity, I put my focus on a few essential things for each day, and building from there. For instance, getting one workout in a day at least, getting a day of work in (if it’s a weekday), and at least ONE household task (laundry, cook a meal, clean bathrooms). Everything else is gravy.

Sleep deprivation and memory loss/mom brain are funny things. For instance, last year I had a hard time not remembering what happened that season during Game of Thrones (RIP Ramsay). This year, two months after the season finale, my brain is pretty much blank.

A few things I’ve been up to:

Following Hal Hidgon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon Training Plan. Right now we’re in a weird schedule where it’s tough for me to get away for more than an hour a few days a week to run, mainly due to work schedules and the fact that Baby K is not yet sleeping through the night/still on-demand breastfeeding mostly.

Even though my running is sparse compared to last year, I still love having a plan to follow. It makes me feel like I have a goal, and though I’d love to get back to running for speed again someday, I’m starting back at square one 🙂 I’ve done two weekends in a row of a “long run” at 6 miles, and it’s all starting to come back to me! We also invested in a BOB running stroller so once next spring rolls around, Keziah will be big enough to hit the Carriage Roads with me.

I’m doing Insanity Max30 (again). To supplement my running, I’m also doing another round of Insanity Max:30. After going back to work and with the way our schedules work, I am home with the baby when I’m not at work. Having Beachbody on Demand has been super helpful in terms of working out at home, and Max:30 is great because it’s only half an hour, and it’s intense. In other words, I’m able to get a REALLY good workout done in a consistent, and relatively short, amount of time. Boom.

I’m actually in love with all things personal finance now (well, this started up last year actually). Maybe it’s because I needed to channel my energy into something else since I’m not running competitively and don’t do mileage/speedwork math for the time being, but figuring out ways to budget and save money is like a fun game. Also I’m WAY better at controlling impulse shopping urges these days.

We had our annual family pumpkin carving. Last weekend, my mom’s side of the family got together for our third year of pumpkin carving. (Full disclosure: I’ve only carved a pumpkin that first year- last year I was an hour and a half late and this year spent the pumpkin carving portion of the day with my hands full of baby). I can’t remember who the winners were, but there was good food and great company 🙂


I’m going to be back online more now that October is over…oops! Oh well, live and learn, right?

What are some things that surprised you about motherhood?

Goodbye, Awktober
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