This morning before checking into work, I did something a little different. Instead of trying to go for a run or do a workout, I decided to go get a coffee (because it’s National Coffee Day!!). A pumpkin spice latte from Choco-Latte, to be specific (it actually tastes like real pumpkin, not chemicals, though I’ve been known to enjoy that too). Now that I work from home most of the week, it takes a bit more effort to get out into the world 🙂

In terms of running I’m following Hal Higdon’s novice half-marathon plan. As much as I love running without intent, it makes me happy to feel like I’m working toward a goal. The novice plan is a bit underwhelming when it comes to mileage, but I love having that flexibility and don’t want to put too much pressure on myself right off. And when you throw a baby in the mix, even the novice plan can be thrown off (which brings us to today’s topic, working out with a baby).

Here are the workouts from the week (last Friday and Saturday were rest days):

Sunday: 5 mile run (@9:57), 3 mile hike with Mom, baby, and puppy
Monday: Sweat Intervals (Insanity Max 30), 10 minute abs, 1 mile walk
Tuesday: 4.5 mile run (@9:47), Upper Fix, 10 minute abs
Wednesday: Tabata Power (Insanity Max 30), 1.5 mile walk with baby in carrier
Thursday: 3.6 mile run (@9:50), Abs, 2.4 mile walk with baby in carrier

Working Out with a Baby

Hiking/Walking with sling or carrier. This was a lifesaver for me. Newborns love to snuggle, which no one really told me, so I wasn’t prepared for having a baby that wanted to be held all the time (I even brought her to the doctor to discuss possible reflux, that’s how unprepared I was). Not only does the sling let me make lunch/do various chores without upsetting my child, I can go for a long walk. My advice is to start with small goals to see how much baby can handle at first. These small victories are HUGE boosters for mom confidence, let me tell you! And if you’re really in a pinch, you can usually discreetly-ish nurse and have a hand free.

Jogging Stroller. I haven’t tested this one out yet personally, but we’ve gotten recommendations for BOB and Thule strollers. Not sure if it’s more difficult with a younger baby (who may want to be held/need to be fed more often) or a toddler (needs more entertainment)…Either way, both BOB and Thule make car seat adapters so you can use them for an infant (until baby has head control around 6-8 months it’s not recommended to use a jogging stroller sans car seat).

Beachbody Baby Workout. If your baby sleeps for any stretch of time on her own, Beachbody workouts are a great way to break a sweat from home, and usually all you need is around a half hour. Unfortunately for me, it’s tough to get this half hour because my baby loves physical contact. Enter the new Babies on BOD workout that is designed for you to workout while holding your baby/carry in sling, which means I can move around a bit and my baby is happy, too. I’m also looking forward to trying the Mommy & Me Yoga Class, but we still have a couple months before she’s old enough for that 🙂

And for just one more day you can get Beachbody on Demand for 30 days risk free!

Find a Gym with Childcare. Our local YMCA has a childcare center available from 8:30 am-12:30 pm, so that parents can come workout (there may be a 2 hour limit on how long you can leave your kiddo). But if you aren’t local, there are plenty of other gyms that offer childcare services so that parents can enjoy a workout here and there.

Not one for the gym? Ask a friend or family member to watch baby for an hour or so! Right now I’ve just been having my boyfriend watch her (and it gives them some daddy/daughter bonding time), but once she has more of a pattern and is semi-sleep trained I’ll feel more comfortable asking others. Besides, who doesn’t want baby snuggles??


Fitness Friday: Working Out with a Baby
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