Happy Monday!

This weekend was off to a rough start for us. I intended to go for a run both Friday and Saturday mornings, but couldn’t get out of my own way. Saturday I tried to do a quick Beachbody workout but baby wasn’t having it…

One of the people at our coworking space came up with a fun hike idea followed by beignets. Baby fell asleep in the sling for the whole hike (which was around an hour), but we missed out on the fun after because a) she needed to eat and b) I felt exhausted/awful. Even though it was sunny and 80 degrees, we ended up taking a two hour nap in the middle of the day…

“Family time” was me learning to love Battlestar Galactica. As much as I wanted to go sleep, I was totally hooked…and I need to figure out how to watch all the episodes ever now.

Also, I think we have a pretty good selection of Cheerios going on here 🙂 The Pumpkin Spice are from Target, and the fruity ones taste exactly like Fruit Loops, but Honey Nut is still my favorite.

Sunday, my mom/Mimi came to Bar Harbor and we did one of our favorite hikes, Great Head, with her dog and the baby. It was definitely ambitions as I’d forgotten how tough some spots are, but we lived through it and wore out the puppy at least…once again, baby slept through the whole hike 🙂 She’s still not a fan of her car seat yet and has a hard time sleeping anywhere that isn’t in direct contact with another person, but it is getting better as she gets older.

Things People Said about Having a Baby that were True

There are several things I thought were douchey and pretentious before having a kid. Certain bits of advice that I took while smiling and thinking Yeah, okay…, but once I found myself in the trenches of early days with a newborn, suddenly clicked.

It turns out my mom (and countless others) were right. But like all the advice my mom tried to give me over the years, I had to experience it the hard way before truly appreciating it (sorry, mom!).

“Sleep when the baby sleeps.” If you’re on maternity leave, this is really about survival. My mom said she would even just sleep an hour of the time we slept, and spend the next hour doing household stuff. After the first week I really started to embrace this, and my mood/sanity improved quite a bit.

Or…take selfies when your baby sleeps 😉

“The days are long but the years are short.” When I first heard this, I thought “Congratulations for not understanding how time works.” But now I have a 7 week old which seems impossible, because I pretty much just gave birth, right? And in just another few months we’ll be ready for solid food/teething/sleep training…and then she’ll be going to college…gah!

“You will forget to shower (or something else that seems hard to forget).” The first couple weeks postpartum, it was often 2 or 3 p.m. before I even thought about changing out of my pjs, after dealing with a clusterfeeding newborn that wouldn’t let me put her down. I went 4 days without showering. Dry shampoo is the real “mommy’s little helper,” guys

“It’s not ‘Your old life + a baby,’ it’s a whole different life.” I dismissed this statement, at least for newborns, because they just eat and sleep, right? Well, sort of, but I didn’t realize how unpredictable their eating and sleeping needs/wants would be. I foolishly thought I’d be able to get up and go wherever/whenever like before, but it’s not that simple. As she gets older and more predictable we’re doing more outings together, but nothing like the “go hike for a few hours, lift some weights, casually make something for dinner, drift off to sleep watching Bravo” days. Someday, I’ll be able to do that sort of thing again, but then I’ll probably be sad that my baby isn’t a baby anymore 🙂

What were some things that surprised you about babies?

Any fun hikes/adventures/naps this weekend?



Weekend Recap & Advice that Surprised Me
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