I wrote a couple posts about pregnancy lifesavers, and it turns out there are also a few products that have been incredibly helpful after pregnancy (go figure, right??).

The first month or so after giving birth can be a rough transition, no matter how prepared you think you are. In addition to the products listed below, I relied heavily on close friends and family for support. A lot of it was emotional- having constant questions about what is normal, having someone to talk to about it all (besides your partner), it lifts the emotional brought on by a huge life change and crazy hormones. The world gets turned upside down for a bit, and when it rights itself, it’s still different than the world you knew before (and it’s a more beautiful place than you could have ever imagined). Find your people, and resist the urge to compare you/your baby with what everyone else says/does. You really will figure it out 🙂

None of these are affiliates or sponsored, just a very honest opinion of things that have really helped this new mom out!

Baby K’Tan. I had been given a Baby Bjorn carrier during a baby shower, but when Keziah was born she was only 6.5 lbs, meaning she was just a peanut and too small for the carrier. And she was (er, is) such a snuggle bug, she likes being held most of the time, so if I wanted to do anything, she had to come too. In a pinch, and at the recommendation of some friends, we ordered the Baby K’Tan wrap and it has been a lifesaver! I was able to go for walks with Keziah, take her out to lunch, do some chores- happy mom, happy baby.

Wellmom Nipple Balm. Real talk- the first week of breastfeeding is a sh*tshow. It hurts even though they tell you it shouldn’t hurt, it inevitably will because you have a hungry baby and boobs that have not been handled that way before. My baby had a great latch, but it was STRONG. I had a bout of mastitis within one week of having her. While it’s gotten much better, there were times when I toyed with the idea of pumping or switching to formula because it hurt so much. And then there’s cluster feeding and growth spurts- you wonder if you’ll ever be able to leave the couch again. This cream healed my first week issues literally overnight, and it’s all-natural.

Another great breastfeeding resource- Kellymom.com. You will probably have a million “Is this normal?” questions (even if you think you won’t), this was my first stop every time!

Medela Pumps. I have both a hand pump and an electric double pump for work. The hand pump works great at home, when I need to pump here or there so I can go for a run in the morning. The double pump lives at work, and empties things out in about 20 minutes.

Blooming Baby Bath. I was under the impression that babies loved bathtime. Turns out, newborn babies are not huge fans of bathtime, because they’ve never had something like it before. At 5-6 weeks, my girl finally likes bathtime, but before that, it was something to be survived (for both of us). When you have a wriggling, wet newborn whose head you have to support/protect from the granite counter as you try to wash her with the other hand and be convincingly calm for your significant other so he isn’t also traumatized…it’s tough. The Blooming Baby Bath made it easier to baby wrangle, and let’s face it, she looked so cute (even when screaming).

What are your pregnancy lifesavers?

What are some things that got you through the first month postpartum?

Postpartum Lifesavers
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