Happy Hump Day! You may have guessed this already, but Baby Z made her appearance earlier last month and I haven’t been able to get on the computer very much!

It’s been a whirlwind month so far with an incredibly steep learning curve. Because she’s only a little over 5 weeks old, there’s no rhyme or reason to anything yet and we’re all a little sleep deprived over here 🙂

Here are the 6 things I’ve learned so far (because I’ve certainly learned more than 6 things!)

1)  You really do get used to being perpetually tired. I realize I’m saying this as a relatively “fresh” parent having only 5 weeks of sleep deprivation, but it’s true. I also have been hitting REM at a record speed and my dreams have been getting pretty out of control…like I casually hung out with James Franco and was good at scaling sheer cliffs, and fought off would-be assassins with giant killer bees grown by Countess LuAnn (of the Real Housewives of New York- she was riding them Game of Thrones dragon style). Oddly I think this is the mind’s way of preserving itself.

2) Routines aren’t really a thing at first. This kid has been changing on a daily basis. Not just the physical stuff, like watching her eyelashes come in after day 2 or the fun changes in diaper content, but she has a new “routine” every day at almost 4 weeks old. For a person with a formerly rigid schedule, this has been the biggest adjustment. One day we’re up at 5, the next it’s 8:30; somedays she eats for like 3 hours straight, other days she snacks and passes out for 3 hours straight. Fortunately now she has some patterns that are making it easier for both of us 🙂

3) She wants me to hold her. All. The. Time. I was under the impression that newborns just sack out and you can just plop them down anywhere…Nope. The second my kid feels me putting her down, she snaps awake and starts wailing. I could have sworn that she could sense me THINKING about putting her down. This was a huge adjustment- I was convinced I’d never be able to get up off the couch again. No more workouts, no going to the bathroom, no walking around town…Fortunately the new mom nerves and hormones have cleared up a bit and I’m slightly more rational. We got the Baby K’tan sling and it has been a lifesaver! As she gets older she’s better about letting us lay her down, but hey, she’s only 5 weeks old so we’ll cut her some slack. Plus, this is the most important thing I have going on in my life 🙂

4) Cluster Feeding: Better hope there’s something good on t.v. I’d never heard of cluster feeding until after my kid was born (actually, I’m sure it was mentioned in that breastfeeding class I took). It felt like she was feeding nonstop from the time I brought her home well into the third week. She still has spurts but nothing like the beginning. I finally started taking the advice everyone had given me: get some snacks, some water, the t.v. remote or a good book, and just plan to park it. You aren’t going anywhere for a couple hours.

5) I Googled A LOT of stuff, but 9 times out of 10, the results were “Yes, this is normal baby stuff.” Every weird noise she made, any habit that was slightly out of line with my idea of “normal” baby behavior- consult the internet! My brother started texting me the helicopter emoji…so there’s that. Basically, babies are weird.

6) This is the best thing I’ve ever done. Yeah yeah, it’s been 5 weeks…but every time I look at that baby girl’s face (even when she is screaming and looks kind of like Gollum), I am so overwhelmed with love and happiness. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I really underestimated the toll the first weeks of new baby-dom takes on a person!

6 Things I’ve Learned about Babies (so far)