Since my last “Pregnancy Lifesavers” post, I’ve encountered a few more items that have really increased my quality of life in the past couple months. A few of them are baby products that, while I haven’t used yet, I’m still pretty excited about!

Before diving in, some random things from the week so far…

-One of my favorite running blogs to follow, Run Eat Repeat, has started a podcast! She’s on her 4th episode now. I’m planning to listen to this one while I do data entry at work later today 🙂

-It’s now August! While last week’s prelabor symptoms were exciting, I secretly wanted Baby Z to wait a little longer because I’m in love with the August birth stone (peridot). Besides that total frivolity, I’m happy for her to show up any day now!

-This meme cracks me up (I love the Snapchat hotdog). One time when I was 9 or 10, my brother and I were in a pretty hyperactive mood and in the middle of it, I rolled myself up in a blanket and declared myself “Kassie the Hot Dog.” It has been an ongoing joke since then…ah, memories.

In an alternate universe, Kassie the Hot Dog is also preparing for motherhood.

-This post went by on Women’s Running, which is good timing since I just finished up the Nutrition portion of ACE’s Personal Training Certification Program. Vitamin D has always been a big one for me. Living in Maine means most women especially suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. Fortunately there are foods with Vitamin D, as well as supplements. Which brings me to the next micronutrient- calcium. Since I’m planning on breastfeeding, getting enough calcium will be crucial. Baby takes what it needs first, but the goal is to not deplete my own calcium supply, as that can lead to bone-weakening issues like osteoporosis later in life. Since Vitamin D is needed to help with digesting calcium, a lot of times you’ll see them together in dairy products.

5 Micronutrients Every Woman Should Pay Attention To

5 More Pregnancy Lifesavers

Coobie Nursing Bra. One of my friends recommended Coobie Nursing Bras when I was about 5 months along, and had no idea what a nursing bra was. Unfortunately I missed the memo at first, and tried purchasing a typical-looking nursing bra online. Here’s the thing about nursing bras that I didn’t realize (that my veteran-mom friend was trying to warn me about)- most of the time, they fit weird and make your boobs look lumpy and weird. They aren’t really comfortable, either.

Thankfully I remembered my friend’s tip about Coobie and decided to give it a try. OH. MAN. These are comfier than most regular bras and sports bras- I kind of just want to wear them forever and ever.

Memory Book. I talked about this a little bit in this week’s Weekend Recap. My mom did Memory Books for my brother and I growing up, and they’re my favorite things to go back and look at. I found this memory book on Amazon. I like it because it not only takes you through pregnancy, but the first 5 years! I recently went through one of my memory books and it was the funniest thing ever. My mom wrote down that my biggest annoyance was my little brother…but he was also listed as my best friend. Go figure 🙂

I’ve started the Family Tree and a few of the earlier pages but am excited to document Baby Z’s early days!

Nuk. Nuk is a new affiliate with Sweat and Sass, which I’m excited about because I am using their bottles for Baby Z. I’m planning to breastfeed, but once I go back to work kiddo is going to have to eat from a bottle (plus it’ll be a good way to bond with her dad/give other family members a chance to feed her). They have a lot of products and accessories (pacifiers, cleaning equipment, sippy cups, breast milk storage bags, etc) too.

I opted for the Simply Natural bottles, which are supposed to mimic the flow of milk from breastfeeding.

Also, when you order $25 or more, shipping is totally free!

Vitamin E. There’s no real evidence that vitamin E oil prevents stretchmarks during pregnancy, so it’s often offered with the caveat of “keep weight gain in a healthy, gradual range” and “drink plenty of water.” I was using Honest Co’s Belly Balm until I ran out about a month ago, and have been using Vitamin E oil since (mainly because it was available down the street at our local natural goods store). While I can’t say “you definitely won’t get stretchmarks!” I can say it feels really good on your skin, especially if you get a little itchy during second and third trimesters. The whole lotion/balm on belly thing became a sort of bonding ritual for me early on, so even if it didn’t have any effect on the stretch mark thing I’d still be okay with it 🙂 (For what it’s worth- at 38 weeks I’m still free of stretch marks).

Robeez. A couple weekends ago when my mom came into town, we stopped into Stone Soup to look around, and ended up purchasing a pair of Roobeez. The woman who was working said that they last a long time (i.e. make for good hand-me-downs), AND are hard for kids to kick off (apparently some kids don’t like wearing shoes…I’ve been so busy imagining life with a newborn that I haven’t really thought about toddler antics). In addition to the pair we bought there, I found another pair I really liked from Zulily (the sale is now over, but I’ll make sure to mention the next time they come up!).

What are some of your favorite baby/maternity products?

Do you use vitamin/mineral supplements regularly? 


Pregnancy Lifesavers Round 2: 5 More Things
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