Another week! Hit 37 weeks yesterday, which means we are officially out of “preterm” land and into “early term” (which apparently translates into “she’s pretty much cooked but it’d be better if she waited another 2 weeks). Of course, I’m ready ANY time now 🙂 I was talking to my mom the other night and confessed “I had no idea late pregnancy could really get as uncomfortable as people say!” My energy is zapped, and I constantly feel crampy/tired/blobby/on the verge of tears.

My next appointment is today and although it’s still probably too early, I’m bringing my hospital bag just in case. Wishful thinking??

My highlights for the week were a donut delivery from Slice of Eden, finishing up childbirth classes, and feeling ready for baby in general! Every night/morning I make sure things are clean/organized, the room is set up, car seat is in…it’s really all about the final countdown at this point!

So back to the late pregnancy woes- my workout attempts have been feeble at best. The desire is so-so, but my energy levels just aren’t what they used to be. I’m considering an hour of walking and 20-30 minutes of easy weight lifting pretty good at this point 🙂

Monday: Total Body Cardio Fix, Hammer Max Strength, 35 minute elliptical, 30 minute easy walk
Tuesday: T-25 Cardio, Upper Fix Extreme, 2.5 mile walk, prenatal pilates
Wednesday: T-25 Rip’t Circuit, 2.5 mile walk
Thursday: Lower Fix, Aqua Aerobics
Friday: Cardio Fix, Dirty 30, 30 minute walk

5 Tips for When You’re in a Rush After Working Out

Partially because of poor time management skills and partially because of my desire to do all the things, a lot of times I was in a rush to get somewhere immediately after finishing a run. During the week at least, the shower was my destination pre-work, but that wasn’t always the case. Sometimes I’d turn around to meet people for a social event (like going to the movies or out to dinner), or have to run to the grocery store or to a family function. Sometimes I take my family’s whole unconditional love thing for granted, but even I know better than to push it showing up to a cookout in post-run sweaty clothing 🙂

Here are a few things to keep on hand if you know you’re going to be rushing from A to B after your workout:

Dry Shampoo. I naturally have oily/fine hair, which makes dry shampoo my best friend. However, not all dry shampoo is created equal and after a few rounds of trial and error, THIS is the brand that works best for me. Be careful about where you powder up though, it can get a bit messy (especially if you’re sporadic like me and just shake the container over your head like cheese over spaghetti). Another thing I learned the hard way- make sure to brush it in, or at least work it into your scalp/strands because otherwise you’ll end up looking like Scarface had a party on your head.


Change of Clothes. When you work out on a regular basis, your life can start to feel a bit like the Oscars. Whether you’re working out inside or outside (and no matter what season), having a change of clothes is key. Summertime is usually a bit easier as a girl because you can just throw on a flowy dress (there’s nothing worse than putting on pants/tights/leggings or restrictive clothing post-workout). Either way, it’ll definitely make you feel better than wearing your sweaty clothes for the rest of the day.


Wipes/Deodorant. If you don’t have access to a shower immediately after your workout, something you want to consider- especially if you’re en route to hang out with other people- is how good/bad you smell. Since I’m 2 seconds away from being a mom (eh a little longer since each week seems to get progressively more difficult at this point!) I have a million baby wipes on hand. Although I haven’t used them for post-workout purposes (mainly because my workouts hardly count as intense these days) I hear they are kind of amazing for that sort of thing. If you use deodorant, having some with you is a good idea. I have a stick for at home and “on the go.”

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Another tip if you happen to be driving from place to place- windows down or cool air on blast can be really helpful with cooling things down a bit.

Food and Water. If you aren’t going to meet up for a meal, having some food and water nearby is really going to help prevent hanger or even worse, a total crash. There’s nothing worse than showing up somewhere and then getting all hangry early on, or having a hard time enjoying yourself because you want to pass out/fall asleep. I find that the cold saps my energy just as much as the heat, so no matter what time of year it is I make sure to have some sort of fuel on hand appropriate for whatever type of workout I just did (i.e. not a full blown meal if I just did an easy 3 mile run).

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Cool Down. I mentioned the whole “windows down” idea, but in this case I mean stretching and giving your body a chance to unwind. In my heavier running days, most of my runs were in the morning, then after showering etc I got in the car to drive to work, then sat at a desk for 8 hours. Not exactly a recipe for happy post-workout muscles. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to do a full cooldown, give your muscles a stretch before you hit the road so your body doesn’t regret it later on!

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What are your tips for hitting the road right after a workout?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Tips for surviving the last weeks of pregnancy?

Fitness Friday: When You’re In a Rush After Working Out
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