Any day now…” That’s what’s been going on in my mind for the past few days now. There’s definitely an increase in contractions (still the false labor ones- they are terrible when I’m sitting down at my desk but ease up if I’m lying down or standing/moving). My next doctor’s appointment is at the end of the week, so I’m interested to see if he has any opinions about how close we are to D-Day (my guess is probably not- he was pretty noncommittal last time :)). I selfishly want her to wait at least another week because I love the August birthstone (peridot), but hey, if she’s ready, she’s ready!

As a first time mom with access to the internet, I’ve been reading just about everything I can get my hands on about baby related topics- stages of pregnancy, labor/delivery, things to worry about vs. not worry about…it’s enough to make your head spin, and some of it contradicts itself. Tonight is my final Childbirth related class- all about breastfeeding. Our local hospital offers this in addition to two labor classes, newborn care, and infant CPR (I went through CPR re-certification recently so I didn’t do this one). Getting to talk to the nurses in itself is comforting and worth the time. My peace of mind has drastically increased knowing some of what to expect (and hearing that some things you just find out when you find out). The more you know! One thing that never got discussed in those classes that I’ve seen all over the internet generally was this idea of “birth plans.”

From what I understand, birth plans are a relatively new thing (for instance, I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t have a birth plan). It is basically a preference sheet where you can express your ideal birthing situation. Of course, the risk is that a woman becomes so fixated on this plan that if something unexpected happens during delivery, she may have a hard time being cool with these changes. If you’ve ever seen Knocked Up, recall Katherine Heigl’s character towards the end.

Basically what I feel like re: this whole childbirth thing via GIPHY

There are plenty of free birth plan templates online and on Pinterest, a few are even upwards of 5 pages long. Here’s the thing: I don’t have time for that. I have no idea what to expect, and since I’m relatively uninformed, I want to give myself the freedom to maybe get an epidural…or maybe not. Maybe it’s also because I’m afraid of looking like an a-hole by being super adamant that I want one thing now and then changing my mind during labor (I’ve heard plans tend to go out the window at that point). Either way, I don’t think this style of plan is for me.

Instead, I have a few things down on a piece of paper, mainly for my boyfriend’s sake in case he needs/wants to know something and I’m not in a position to answer. All it has are the names of people allowed in the room if they choose (him, and my parents), the fact that he’s in charge of decision making if I’m unable to for any reason (which I’m sure they have you sign an Advance Directive or something more legally binding at the hospital), that I’m planning to breastfeed, and the pediatrician’s contact information.

It’s pretty straightforward and, as I mentioned, really just for my boyfriend’s benefit. Since we’ve already agreed on the post-delivery decisions (at least the ones we’ll need to make immediately after), it basically just reiterates what we’ve already talked about. The most important thing on there is probably the pediatrician’s contact information and even that is probably something the hospital could easily look up (but I don’t like to assume it’s cool to give someone else extra work 🙂 ).

My general approach to this whole thing is “anything can happen,” which is pretty much reflected in my lack of a real plan. Others may have a more defined idea of what they want the labor and delivery experience to be, and having a more robust birth plan would certainly be useful in that situation. I guess like everything pregnancy/child related- whatever boats your float 🙂

Did you/are you making a birth plan for the hospital?

Are you generally a planner or do you prefer being whimsical about decisions?


My Birth “Pla”
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