The heat/humidity at the end of last week was killer for me. On Friday night I was sitting on the couch and felt like Jabba the Hutt…just kind of blobbing and existing.

I walked about 3.25 miles Friday night after work just to get some sun/move around, but my pace has slowed down about 5 minutes/mile for my usual walking pace. Kind of funny how much pregnancy changes things 🙂 I also made a few friends on the way…


Papa Deer
and baby deer!

Saturday morning started out with a Cardio Fix workout and some weights. Then a friend and I drove over to the “quiet side” of the island- Southwest Harbor- to check out the Common Good Cafe. Every day during the summer from 7:30-11:30 a.m. they have popovers open to the public, they just ask that you make a donation on your way out. I really wish I’d thought to take a picture! But the popovers were delicious, and they had strawberry & blueberry jam to go with, plus some maple cinnamon butter that I could have just eaten straight.

After popovers, we went over to The Moody Mermaid. I’ve been seeing their stuff on social media for about a year now, and have been dying to get over there to check it out! The baby/girl swimsuits have been killing me with their cuteness! This is what I ended up with for Baby Z:

When I got home, I sat down to make a plan for the rest of the afternoon…and the next thing I knew, I was waking up an hour later. That’s been happening a lot lately 🙂 The rest of the day was pretty much just chores…hey, someone’s gotta do ’em. The good news is it didn’t take very long at all. Plus this is just how my “nesting instinct” is manifesting itself. I even cleaned out a bunch of really old paperwork and stuff I’d been holding onto for no reason!

Sunday kicked off with some Shaun Week action with weights. My mom came down to Bar Harbor for a visit so we took a walk on my usual walking loop around Compass Harbor. It was another hot one yesterday so I was dragging pretty early on. After Compass Harbor, we walked across town to The Thirsty Whale for lunch (mom was craving a burger, while I wanted their Fish Taco Wrap + the Whale Salad- so good!).

Hit a few stores on the way back, including Stone Soup where Mom decided to spoil Baby Z even more! There were some really cute clothes too, and the booties (pictured below) from Roobeez are definitely going to be too big for awhile but hey, they’re cute 🙂

More studying in the afternoon (I’m in the Nutrition portion of the ACE Personal Training Certification right now, which is pretty cool so far). While Personal Trainers aren’t allowed to do meal plans or give specific advice about individual nutrition, they do have the general knowledge about fuel and how much a person should be eating based on their level of activity. Of course, there’s always exceptions (like being 9 months pregnant, for starters!)

Later on after the better part of the day was gone, I went out to do the week’s grocery shopping and stopped into TJ Maxx. For some reason I thought trying on a bathing suit at 9 months pregnant would be really great for my self-esteem. Happy to report it went well and I finally have a 1 piece that isn’t 5+ years old 🙂

Random pregnancy related aside- this response to Serena Williams’ tweet last week was by far my favorite 🙂

Managed to stay up and watch Game of Thrones again this week (it’s been a solid 2 week streak so far!) and if you happened to watch it, it’s a pretty good one. We did notice that each scene seems to end pretty dramatically lately- moreso than in seasons past. Maybe that’s why I’m able to stay up for it!

This week a new challenge group is starting (not one I am running- for more about challenge groups check out my post here). I’m lukewarm about committing to a program because it’s been such a struggle for me to move around lately, and knowing that I could go into labor at any point in the next month is not really helping my mental attitude towards working out (“eh, who cares, I’ll be giving birth soon anyway!”). By the end of the day, I’ll make a decision about a) if I’m going to participate and b) if so, what program I’ll work on.

How was your weekend?

Have you ever had popovers? What are your thoughts?


Weekend Recap: Last Minute Shopping Spree
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