Today is ONE month away from our due date! Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean anything besides we are getting pretty close to meeting Baby Z (and figuring out what her name is…). This is the perfect embodiment of my emotions (also, who doesn’t love an Arrested Development reference??).

Saturday I woke up at 6 and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I went out on the couch and watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (my guilty pleasure is Bravo TV shows), started to study, did a workout and went for a 2.5 mile walk, making it back home around 11. Then it was more studying until I accidentally fell asleep…whoops. Kinesiology might be the cure to my pregnancy insomnia!

More cleaning and studying for the afternoon- it was kind of foggy and gross out, so it felt nice to be inside. When the sun came out later though, I ended up going for another 2 mile walk while listening to Watch What Crappens.

Sunday morning I managed to sleep in until 8!! And that set the pace for the day- I had a hard time with “get up and go” throughout the day. At around 10 I did an easy cardio workout…and around 11:15 I started doing a weight workout that I cut short to head Downeast.

Most people who know me know that I love going to the lake in the summer. This summer has been my least whimsical summer in adulthood, partially because of working/studying commitments and partially because of all the prepping for baby. Knowing how bummed out I would be if I didn’t make it to the lake at least ONCE this summer, yesterday I finally decided to put everything else on pause and just go.

It was a good decision. The water felt amazing and we ended up having the lake to ourselves! It wasn’t especially hot out, but I still felt super refreshed. Dad packed some food- trail mix, chips, water, and some PB & J with blueberries (as a kid I would’ve thought this was an abomination but as a massively pregnant adult I loved it). We used to come here for camping trips growing up, and after days spent blueberry raking we would come by for a swim afterwards which always felt amazing. I can’t wait to bring Baby Z here next summer!

And of course, Sunday night was the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere! After I got home I tried taking a nap which didn’t work…I managed to wait until almost 11 p.m. for my boyfriend to get home from working so we could watch it together (<–I think this says a lot about how much I care 🙂 ).

This morning I saw this article go by from Carrots N Cake. I’ve been very careful about what I put on my skin for the past 9 months, but obviously the  fun doesn’t stop there. To be honest, I haven’t been as hyper-diligent about baby products as I have been with using pregnancy safe products. The bottles and pacifiers I bought are all BPA free and I stopped by A&B Naturals for diaper cream and baby powder, purchased Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, but still have Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and Wash. I guess I’ll wait to see how the baby responds to everything on her own, and take it from there.

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How was your weekend?

Any fun summer memories as a kid?

Did you watch the Game of Thrones premiere last night?

Weekend Recap: Finally a Lake Day!
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