Happy Hump Day!

Pretty exciting week so far- on Monday night I got to bake (not something I do typically just because it’s been so hot lately and I’m milking the whole but guys I’m super pregnant thing). The MDI YWCA hosts a pie sale every Tuesday from late June- September every year as a fundraiser, and I did a couple rounds of pies last year. This year I was hesitant to commit because of “D-Day” looming, but am doing a week-by-week commitment.

This week was a bit of a fail because I made pies that need refrigeration (they get sold outside…oops). The Caramel Box Pie recipe came from a 4-Ingredient Cookbook my mom gave to me. All you do is:

  • Pre-make the pie crust
  • Cut up 1 banana (I used about 2.5 for 2 pies though) and layer the bottom,
  • Brown a 14 oz. can of condensed milk on the stove and pour over
  • Top with Heath Bar crumbles (I added some chocolate chips too)
  • Chill in the fridge
  • Once things have set a bit, top with Cool Whip. Boom!

So next week I will probably stick with a berry pie of some sort, but this was pretty tasty at least! Also I have leftover Cool Whip which goes great with berries…hello, dessert.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking/elliptical lately, so I thought I’d share what I do to “stay sane” during those workouts. While running outside I don’t listen to anything, partially for safety reasons so I can hear cars/people, partially because I just like it better. Same with hiking. Treadmill running, walking (treadmill or a longer outside hike), indoor biking and elliptical mean there is usually an alternate form of entertainment.


Until a couple years ago, I was pretty “meh” about listening to podcasts. Then, I started listening to “Watch What Crappens” at the recommendation of my friend/at the time roommate, and haven’t stopped since.

Ben & Ronnie (<–I even fancy myself on a first-name basis with them) recap Bravo shows with a great amount of hilarity. Sometimes it’s hard for me to listen to them at the gym because I start laughing so hard. If you watch anything on Bravo, this is a great podcast. Actually, I started watching shows on Bravo exclusively because of this podcast, so there’s that. Below is one of their songs- they have a few (a couple other favorites include “You’re a Stupid Thing to Say” which got me in trouble laughing at the gym, and Shannon Beador’s “David?!” song).

Another favorite is Nicole Antoinette’s Real Talk Radio. The episodes are a bit longer, but I really dig the structure (8 episodes are released every few months, and it’s entirely listener-funded at this point). Topics vary from professional athletes talking about fears and challenges, thru-hiking, writing, entrepreneurship, budgeting, families, and SO much more. One of my favorite semi-recent listens is from Amanda Berlin, who talks about Crafting the Perfect Pitch. Something that really stuck out to me was how she talks about one of her old jobs, where coworkers typically bonded over the negative stuff (“ugh the traffic,” “can you believe this guy…” “what’s up with this weather?!”) and how she made the conscious decision not to engage in it. Even though some of these “negative” interactions seem mundane and harmless, it’s an interesting to think about what type of energy you’re throwing out there in a casual way.

Amanda Berlin on Telling Your Story, Creating Your Identity, and How To Craft The Perfect Pitch

After listening to S-Town and Serial the past couple years, I’ve been hunting around for another binge-worthy crime podcast (which, admittedly sounds pretty dark, but I’m also a Law & Order SVU junkie so this may explain a few things). I started (and caught up) listening to Up & Vanished, and am on the hunt again for a true-crime ish podcast if anyone has any recommendations!

And although she stopped doing the podcast last fall, another favorite podcast of mine is Running on Om. Julia is a fellow Bates graduate and the full library of podcasts are still available for listening!

Netflix & HBO Go

I’m pretty lucky in that I have both Netflix and HBO Go (well…my Dad has HBO Go, I’m totally a parasite) and the local gym has wifi. On HBO Go this winter I watched the last season of Girls exclusively at the gym, and have been re-watching season 6 of Game of Thrones (1.5 more weeks!!).

On Netflix this winter I watched the Louis C.K. 2017 show (most of it- I did have a hard time controlling laughter so I had to stop).

Other favorite shows to binge on: Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, Law & Order SVU, Bojack Horesman, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s probably no accident that the vast majority of what I stream is comedy…

Oh, yeah…

Having a workout/running buddy is pretty much the perfect way to distract yourself while working out, and you get to be social! Signing up for Aqua Aerobics has made me feel like I have some semblance of a social life again 🙂 Most of my other workouts are based around my schedule which has been tricky to get other people on board with, but one of my goals is to be better about incorporating social activities into my life again, and having a running/walking buddy or buddies is definitely a bonus!

Also- I wanted to get some feedback about what people are liking/want to see more of on this blog! Specific post ideas and general observations are also welcome 🙂

What are your favorite ways to stay entertained while working out?

What is your favorite type of pie? (Or are you a cake person like me?)

Staying Entertained During a Workout & YOUR Feedback!
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