Laughter is the best medicine, and whether you’re dealing with morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn that makes you feel like you’re going to breathe fire, or have accidentally destroyed some clothes due to weight gain (RIP, leggings), it also helps to know that you’re not alone.

Personally, I’ve been having a tough time with this last trimester more than the other two (or I am experiencing some amnesia as we go along, it’s hard to say). Speaking of amnesia, this morning my mom texted me asking for ultrasound photos and I completely blanked on where I put them…so that adventure awaits me when I get home tonight. And then I had to cry about it for awhile because “I’ve already lost my child’s photos!” and that fun little thing where I’m basically pumped full of hormones.

But, I’m getting very excited about baby’s big debut and although I feel a bit like a zombie, I really can’t wait until Baby Z gets here.


This one cracks me up because a) we also haven’t picked out “THE” name yet, although we have a short list, and b) this is totally the snarkiness that exists in a group chat with my dad and brother. The messages are interchangeable between the two of them.

This has been my reality for the past couple weeks…and for parts of the first and second trimesters, too (note: the “I’ll just wait 5 minutes and see” trick doesn’t always work here).

Some days you feel that awesome “I’m beautiful and creating a miracle” feeling, other days you feel weird and fat. It all depends.

Realizing I’ve been pregnant (or at least, known I was pregnant) since December is kind of mind-boggling. That’s 3/4 of a year! And I haven’t gone running since March…

I love anytime Star Wars intersects with parenting…or really anything 🙂

What are some of your favorite pregnancy memes? 

Any fun plans for the weekend??


My Favorite Pregnancy Memes
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