So I’ve had a few people ask me about what I’m doing for maternity wear now that I’m a hot second away from third trimester (eeep!).

I didn’t buy any “maternity” clothes for the first two trimesters. If I did any shopping, it was simply a larger size for leggings and sports bras. I wear a lot of flowier clothes anyway, so I didn’t really need to buy anything.

Last weekend my mom and I went for a little maternity shopping (well, there were other reasons we were in the mall area but killing two birds with one stone is necessary when you live 1+ hours away from somewhat decent shopping).

One of the fortunate things about heading into my last trimester during the winter months- dresses! I have a decent amount of flowy summer dresses that will easily stretch with my belly, so those aren’t a “need” (more of a want- who doesn’t love fun summer dresses??). I also have a lot of workout clothes that will grow well with me. I did get a few extra sports bras cheap since I’m not sure what the future holds there 🙂

I am too big for most of my shorts (I tried them on a few months ago and it was pretty grim) and my pants are getting tighter and tighter around my thighs/butt (forget about the waist ;)). We went to Old Navy on Monday, and while the maternity section in the store was tucked away in a back corner with fairly slim pickings, I decided to try some things on for size reference since their online Maternity has quite a bit. I ended up getting a pair of maternity jeans (honestly, I’m not a fan of jeans but these were SO comfy!) and a pair of regular shorts that were a size up from what I usually wear. Awhile back I ordered this band that let’s you wear pants without having to button them, and yesterday was my first day wearing it- super comfy and didn’t notice it throughout the day- so I’ll just wear the shorts using that band when I’m too big to button.

As someone who used to buy clothes on a whim, and couldn’t make a budget plan that stuck, I’m a lot more careful about how I spend my money these days. Lately clothing has been on an “as needed” basis, so while shopping for maternity clothes I’ve been trying to find items that will also work after pregnancy (hence only one pair of legitimate maternity jeans-part of my justification is that I’ll go through this again at least once more). By purchasing “normal” clothes that are just a size up, I know I’ll have some things I can wear after delivery. While I’m optimistic about bouncing back postpartum, the realistic part of me knows that the weight won’t slide right off in days after giving birth, so these clothes will come in handy.

I’ve also been “window shopping” online on Zulily and Old Navy, since a maternity bathing suit is probably necessary in the upcoming summer months. Both also have amazing deals on the regular, so it’s tempting not to just buy things all the time. I definitely recommend trying things on first if you can, especially towards the end of second trimester when things start really changing around.

Any recommendations for affordable maternity clothes?

If you had/have a baby registry, where was it? I chose Amazon since I already had an account and wasn’t sure what else to do!






What I’m Doing About Maternity Clothes
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