Another weekend in the books. I’ve been trying to cram as much as I can into each weekend lately, knowing that I have maybe another month of running around like a mad-woman before the last month or two of pregnancy forces me to take it down another notch or two.

On Friday, I was feeling pretty tired after work, so I took a 20 minute nap x 5 (it started out innocently enough, but then I woke up and the sun was pretty much gone). Oops! Once I woke up we went to a birthday party for a friend (I will always rally for cake).

Saturday was warm and sunny, so I spent my post-workout cooldown on the back porch (Dirty 30 Extreme plus 15 minutes with Shaun T) finishing up the last few episodes of Marco Polo. Lucky for me, Master of None Season 2 just came out so I have a new show I can hop right into 🙂

Later on I went for a hike up Penobscot Mountain, partially as a stress break because I was feeling overwhelmed about not being able to be everywhere all at once. I’ve been struggling with anxiety around wanting to be there for all my friends and family, but I live 1 hour+ away from my parents, and being almost 7 months pregnant makes being spontaneous tough. Nature therapy + exercise is one of my favorite ways to sort through these thoughts/feelings.

I also lapped a group of college guys, who as I passed them whispered “Yo…that girl is pregnant.” Thanks for noticing, kids. Also not sure if becoming more susceptible to the sun is a ‘pregnancy thing’ but I got a noticeable burn on my face after this hike after spending not that long outside…

The rest of the day was grocery shopping, studying, and watching Monster’s University 🙂 Art is by far my favorite character.

Sunday was Mother’s Day!! I did my scheduled workout (Yoga Fix Extreme) and got some French Toast (not in bed though- that would have been a huge mess).

Hit up the local fundraiser for Kid’s Corner (a daycare center) on my way out of town. They were selling kid’s gear and clothing, I got all of this for $5! Talk about a happy (almost-a-) Mother’s Day.

Above is a shot of the Snapfish collage canvas for Mom’s present 🙂

My mom was visiting her  family that morning, so I went to hang out with my dad for a bit. Made some cashew-chicken and broccoli, plus this Greek Yogurt + Peanut Butter Dip with homemade cinnamon tortilla chips. The dip is literally 1 part yogurt, 1 part peanut butter, plus a bit of cinnamon and honey if you like it sweeter.

Gave my mom her presents and hung out for the evening. Into the Woods was on and I hadn’t seen it yet, so we watched that and had a super early bedtime.

A shot from the first time I qualified for Boston (actually on Father’s Day in June ’15- Dad was warming up the car 🙂 )

It’s another gray and rainy Monday here, but the good news is we get a whole WEEK ahead of sun and warmth. Looking forward to Aqua Aerobics class this week (our instructor had family vacation last week) and getting more sunshine 🙂

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day?

Weekend Recap: Mother’s Day
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