Here in Maine we’ve had a week of rain, and there’s another week of rain in the forecast.

Friday was Cinco de Mayo, but since I’m pregnant and wasn’t feeling well this past week, I didn’t really do a whole lot.

Friday night I did some chores and studying. The weather has had me down a bit, all I’ve wanted to do is curl up in bed and watch tv and sleep. And…probably eat some ice cream. BUT I’ve been moving around in spite of the “bleh.” Also, as I was coming home on Friday evening there were some deer visitors in the driveway. Well, we kind of share the yard I guess 🙂 This guy was not impressed that I was going to make him move.

Saturday started out with Chisel Cardio workout. Last year I did the Hammer & Chisel program post-Boston, and interestingly I had an easier time with this workout than I did last year. Maybe it’s because I was also running 30-50 miles a week at the time, but I was able to do most of the upper body moves with greater ease (i.e. lifting with 10 lb. weights instead of having to drop to 5s halfway through).

After working out, I ended up working from home (trying to get used to this since I will need it in a couple months :)) since I’m taking Monday off. It was pouring out, so I went to the gym just to get out of the house, and came back to watch a Star Wars marathon on t.v.

Sunday was…SUNNY! Dad wasn’t feeling well and went on self imposed quarantine, so I didn’t do my usual Milbridge trip. I did a workout in the morning, and went for a walk later in the afternoon around Compass Harbor. It’s fiddlehead season! The other weekend my grandparents were talking about having a dinner of smelts and fiddleheads, which is a classic Maine spring dinner 🙂



It was pretty windy out, and the waves were phenomenal 🙂 Can’t believe this is only half a mile from where I live.

Compass Harbor is about a mile long loop, and I love how deep in the woods you feel even though it’s fairly close to town. The woods/ocean combo is also one of my favorites.

This meme from Parks & Rec went by this weekend, and it reminded me of something my brother always does to me. We had a joke a couple years ago about how iPhones lock for 1 minute (and up and up) when you type a wrong password too many times, and every time I told a bad joke/said something lame (well…by his standards), he would say “Locked for 1 minute.” So, I relate to Jerry/Gary here…

Sunday night I made the same chicken spaghetti squash pesto that I did last weekend, plus some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies 🙂

Getting ready to spend some time with my Mom tomorrow and hoping that the forecast ends up being less rainy than predicted!

How was your weekend?

Does the weather affect your mood? 

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie??

Weekend Recap: Rain, Rain, Go Away
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