Happy Fitness Friday! This past week was a whirlwind. Lots of appointments and I’m also combating seasonal allergies/the fact that it’s been raining here for a week and it’s in the forecast for another week (at least)!

When there’s all of this running around, it’s easy to cut out those “extra” things in our day, like meal prepping or exercise. Motivation to make these things a priority in the first place is a whole different blog post (or series…I mean, people write books about this stuff) so I’m going to gloss over the motivation aspect. We’re going to assume you are generally motivated, just crunched for time.

One thing I like to do is have a “WHY” list handy, that I update every few weeks or so. When I was running my “WHY” was more of a list of upcoming races and goal times, but after almost a year of not being able to race for time, my list is updated:

This was also part of my May Challenge Group today 🙂 This month I restructured a bit based on feedback from month 1 in April, and I’m really enjoying the “digging deep” aspect of this month’s group! The planning process has been fun too 🙂

Here’s a quick look at my fitness this week:

Monday: Insanity Max 30: Cardio Challenge, Power Chisel Glute (15 minutes), PiYo Strength Intervals, Aqua Aerobics Class
Tuesday: Insanity Max 30: Tabata Power, Master’s Cardio, 40 minute elliptical, 20 minute walk
Wednesday: Insanity Max 30 Sweat Intervals, Hammer Buildup, Aqua Aerobics Class
Thursday: Insanity Max 30 Tabata Strength, PiYo Sculpt, hike up Dorr
Friday: Insanity Max 30 Friday Fight Night Round 1, 30 minute elliptical, cleaning (<–this totally counts!)

“Quick” Workouts

A quick workout > none at all. I’m lucky because knowing my schedule in advance means I was able to plan on getting up a little earlier each day, and my evenings are a bit more free so I can usually get something in (even if it’s not “ideal”). But, on days when I’m busy and am running more ragged than usual, a quick fix is all it takes to feel accomplished and less stressed.

Here are three places that I go to for inspiration for a quick workout:

1- Beachbody on Demand. I’ve been finding a lot of the workouts I can stream on Beachbody’s website have 15-20 minute workouts, many of which don’t require any equipment (and they will even say before you start the video whether or not equipment is required). The ability to stream these workouts from my phone (or download up to 7 to watch later- hooray for data consideration!) makes it an easy traveling/wherever I want sort of workout.

Sometimes I will hop around from program to program for a “quickie” workout. My faves under 30 minutes are PiYo Strength and/or Sculpt, 22 Minute Hard Corps (22 minutes!), Focus T25 (25 minutes), Iso Speed Hammer, MaxOut: 15, and the 10 Minute Trainer program.

2- Pinterest. If you look up ‘quick workouts’ on Pinterest, you’d be surprised at how many options are out there! Here are a few that I’ve saved over time.

6 Minute Workout (you can make it longer by doing multiple rounds).

Or this 15 minute workout from Vitals @ Lifehacker.

Super short workouts can be very effective for building strength and cardio endurance. This time-efficient bodyweight workout from DAREBEE doesn’t require equipment and is perfect for doing at home, in a hotel room, in a dorm room, or even an empty meeting room.:

And this Do Anywhere Bikini Circuit from Popsugar.

Once you do some of these workouts, or even if you feel comfortable enough, you can design your own that are quick and a little more comfortable for YOU! And if you’re searching on Pinterest, you can specify if you’re looking for cardio, arm workouts, leg workouts, ab workouts, etc–there are so many!

3- Your favorite bloggers/websites. If you follow fitness people (I get a lot of these on Feedly), they might have workouts that they share from time to time. A lot of my running speed work outs in past years came from Hungry Runner Girl and those definitely helped push me into trying new workouts!

Below is not one but TWO short workouts from Women’s Running.

Two Of The Shortest Workouts Possible Made For Runners

Even Buzzfeed has some quick total body workouts!

Carrots N Cake also has a whole page on her website dedicated to workouts she’s shared over the years! Some of these involve equipment/running but this is definitely bookmarked as a “revisit next winter” for me 🙂

No matter where you are/what equipment you have at your disposal, you can get a workout in!

What are some of your favorite “quickie” workouts?

What are your “whys” for fitness?

Anyone else having a really busy week??

Fitness Friday: In a Rush
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