Happy Monday! It seems like we are finally in that warm period of spring where I can start wearing dresses without tights 🙂 Also officially retiring the down jacket for a fleece, although both are getting harder and harder to zip up!

My weekend kicked off on Friday evening after a 12 hour workday, another round of moving stuff out of the little apartment to our in-between place, struggling through Insanity Max 30: Friday Fight Night Round 2 (almost flaked out when Shaun T. says in the intro “This is the hardest workout I’ve ever made”…gulp), a 2 mile walk…and some good food. I was pretty tired and almost didn’t stop in because I was feeling a little anti-social- as an introvert the last thing I feel like doing when I’m tired is interacting with other people, but I am glad I did because it ended up being a lot of fun.

Avocado and Haddock Salad       


and a veggie tostada (I was hungry…)

Saturday I got up and did the 21 Day Fix Cardio workout (this one is totally just body weight- I don’t have lighter weights to do the other workouts but plan to invest once I finish Insanity at the end of this month and need to start something less intense) followed by Insanity’s Pulse workout (20 minutes of active recovery) and some weights.

Next it was on to shopping- I got some groceries for the week as well as a few cleaning supplies and Easter basket materials. The new place we are living is great, but there were some things we didn’t have (like Pledge and some cloths) to do some serious cleaning. Even if we just stay here for a short period of time, things got cleaned Saturday and I’ll be able to use this stuff no matter where we end up!

Another round of getting stuff from the old place, cleaning, running to the store, and dropping stuff off at the new place. At this point I’d just been eating pretzels and jellybeans (sorry, Baby Z).

Feeling overworked and a bit frazzled, I decided to get out to Great Head for one of my favorite hikes. This is a fairly easy hike, about 2.5 miles if you have to walk in from the Schooner Head Overlook (the Great Head entrance is closed in the winter but should be open in another week or so!).

The views of Sand Beach are amazing, and there’s a cool pano that makes you feel as though you’re entirely surrounded by water.

Back at the new place, I organized everything that I’d brought over, and finally made myself a real meal (around 7:30 p.m.). I didn’t take a picture, but it was eggs, cheese, and avocado on rye bread, a simple romaine and spinach salad, and another few handfuls of pretzels as I was cooking. Dessert was FINALLY getting some Halo Top to try out-I’ve been seeing people on Instagram post about this stuff but haven’t tried it for myself yet! (I only ate half the pint since I’d had a lot of junk candy throughout the day).

The next morning I got up super early (for a Sunday) and met my mom for breakfast. She brought the truck and helped me with some errands. Then it was Downeast for the usual cleaning- I got a LOT done yesterday, including cleaning out most of the shed.

Made some avocado quesadillas. Due to a friend’s Amazon order mishap/generosity, we have an abundance of refried beans. To make these I added one flour tortilla to a cast iron skillet (using a little butter on both sides), and sprinkled a layer of shredded taco cheese. Next I added half a can of the refried beans, and another layer of cheese. Once that had melted, I set it aside and added another flour tortilla to the pan, topping with a chopped avocado. Then I put the two together and cut into 8 pieces (shared with both parents).

There was also a cake involved- I used this recipe for the chocolate cake, which has gotten amazing reviews all 3 times I have used it this year!

This week, I’m looking forward to digging into the second week of Insanity Max 30 month 2, working with my challenge group, and getting to visit my brother at the end of the week! Last time I went to see them it was a bit of a disaster (story for another post ;)) but hoping there are no incidents this time around. Also…stay tuned but I may have some very exciting fitness related news coming too!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Have you ever tried Halo Top? What is your favorite flavor?

Any goals for the week ahead?

Weekend Recap: Cake and Cleaning
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