For the past couple months, I’ve been focusing on the negative aspects of my fitness. As I’ve mentioned here several times, running hasn’t been going well for me. It used to be my release, how I reconnected with myself, and to some extent, how I gauged personal worth (<–usually this is a sign that something has become all-consuming and you might want to take a step back).

One of my goals this week was to focus on the positive things instead. Formerly, I’d celebrate all of my running related milestones, either treating myself to a really amazing meal/whoopie pie after a long run, relaxing with a fun movie after a race, or even painting my toenails a fun color during taper. Now that I’m off running for a bit (until Baby Z comes in August), all those things are kind of…gone.

The kind of thing I’m used to celebrating 🙂

This week, the question became, how can I/we celebrate fitness milestones (to help me remember running achievements aren’t the only kind)? After all, just because something looks different doesn’t mean it isn’t as valuable. I’m on my second month of Insanity Max 30, have been swimming once a week (minus last week when I had the flu), and have a few hikes planned once the snow melts. Once I finish this round of Insanity, I’ve decided some form of milestone celebrating is in order 🙂

Here are my ideas:

  • Celebrate with friends. While running was never much of a social event for me, it was something that I celebrated with others, especially after a race. We would go out for brunch (best meal of the day) afterwards, or go to a movie.
  • Make it Social. Although I was never one to do training runs with other people, races were still a social gathering. Now I’m trying to find workouts that involve some level of a group component. Even though right now my actual Insanity workouts are done solo, I have online challenge groups that make me feel accountable, and more importantly, like I have a reason to keep moving forward with these workouts.
  • Treat Yo’self. I’ve been lusting after a manicure in the worst way, and that’s on my potential reward list post-Insanity. Other treat ideas include shopping (while I’m looking for larger clothes rather than smaller, it still counts ;)). This could also be a trip to the movies, a massage, checking out the latest eyelash extension service (I wish I could justify the cost but it’s hard with budgeting for a kiddo)- basically anything that brings you comfort that you don’t do very often.

    Exhibit A: I don’t wear red lipstick very often, and decided to throw down a little money for some
  • Invest in new equipment. Yeah, this might seem a little “treat yo’self”-y but I bought myself a pair of 10 pound weights, swimming googles, and a few sports bras that are a size larger, that sort of thing. These aren’t considered “necessary items” on my budget, but they do make my workouts easier. I’m more motivated to head out the door in clothes I feel good in, rather than feeling uncomfortable/self conscious because something doesn’t fit right.
  • Relax. My favorite thing after a hard workout was jumping into my parent’s hot tub (it was an hour away from where I was living at the time, so a bit of a commitment to get over there). Worth it! Other relaxing ideas are watching one of your favorite movies or a new one you’ve been dying to see, or a new series on Netflix.
  • Anything else! I need some help coming up with other milestone celebrations, so if you have any, please leave a comment!

And since it’s Fitness Friday, here’s a look at my workouts from the past week:

Monday: Insanity Max 30 Max Out Cardio, PiYo: Lower Body (this was a busy day with ultrasounds and traveling from Bangor to Bar Harbor to Milbridge).

Tuesday: Insanity Max 30 Max Out Power, 35 minute elliptical, 20 minute walk on treadmill with incline

Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Barre Legs, 30 minute elliptical, Insanity Max 30 Max Out Sweat

Thursday: Insanity Max 30 Max Out Strength, 30 minute swim, 35 minute elliptical, 20 minute easy spin

The elliptical/spin were done while watching Louis C.K.’s latest on Netflix. Love Louis!

Friday: 30 minute elliptical, Insanity Max Friday Fight Night (Round 2), 20 minute walk.

After starting week one of the second month of Insanity Max 30, I definitely think I’ll need a reward 🙂

How do you celebrate fitness milestones and achievements?

How’d your workouts go this week? Any goals for the future?


Fitness Friday: Celebrating Milestones
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