Pregnancy in the age of technology is a blessing and a curse. If a weird symptom comes up (hand eczema??) I can just Google it. Ultrasounds and blood tests have come a along way, too. And then, of course, there’s all the apps available.

I’m not usually one to pay any attention to sponsored ads on Facebook/Instagram/anywhere on social media, but will admit that the Ovia pregnancy app caught my attention, and I’m so glad it did. Here are some of Ovia’s features that I think are really cool, and maybe you will too 🙂 (Note: They also have fertility and parenting apps, which I haven’t looked at yet).

Personalized Name. One of the first steps during setup, after due date, is your baby name. Obviously, if you have this app early on, you probably don’t have a name yet (I’m 4 months and still don’t). My pet name is Baby Z, so that’s what I used. Whenever I get the Baby Tidbits or an article appears, Ovia personalizes it to say “Baby Z is…” which gives me warm and fuzzy feelings every time it happens.
Symptoms and Mood Tracker: I’m sure I’m not alone in looking up weird pregnancy symptoms, and Ovia makes it easy to do this within the app itself. When you go to track your own symptoms, it even offers a list of those that are common for your week at the top.
You can also track blood pressure, weight, kicks, contractions, etc. I don’t really have the tools for measuring any of that at home, and haven’t felt any kicks yet (although I’m told any day now…), so this is currently my “dead zone”
Nutrition, Sleep, and Activity Tracking: I have a confession: I’ve never been able to keep a food journal, in spite of several attempts (even as recently as December in my first trimester). For some reason, I’ve been able to stay on top of updating Ovia’s nutrition and activity tracker every single day. Maybe it’s because it’s so simple- for nutrition, you just pick the number of servings you’ve had with each meal (and can do it immediately after having a meal so you don’t forget), rather than logging specifics if that’s not your jam.
I can never really remember the exact time I fell asleep, but I’m pretty consistent about when I get up, so I figure a guesstimate is as good as anything. I was definitely surprised by how much sleep I get in a night, even if I wake up a few times.
The day Ovia low key shamed me for sleeping almost 10 hours straight
You can also log just about any activity on Ovia and the duration. In my more consistent running days, I was super on top of logging runs through RunningAhead, Garmin, and Strava, but any other type of workout I just mentally noted. Now I’m tracking everything 🙂
Medication Reminders: The only consistent medication I’m taking right now is my Prenatal, but every day in a blue box at the top of my newsfeed, Ovia asks “Did you take your prenatal vitamin today?” It may seem annoying, but it’s saved me at least a couple times already. If you have other medications that you take regularly, this can be a helpful little tool.
Daily Summary: I like the tone, it’s light-hearted and a bit sassy, which is fun because even though pregnancy is a big deal, it’s nice to make it a little fun.
They’re usually spot on, too- two nights ago I started having bad dreams that I had to be woken up from, all incredibly vivid. Turns out, this is a common symptom for week 17.
Just like mama.
Not Your Average Comparisons: Most pregnancy apps or websites will compare your baby’s size per week to a fruit or vegetable. It makes sense, because most of us know the average size of a fig compared to a Roborovski hamster…but if, like me, you found yourself wanting a different size comparison, Ovia has a few options: weird but cute animals, Parisian bakery, fun & games, and fruits and vegetables. My default is weird but cute animals, but I go through the whole list every week just to see (I’ve been told I may have a bit of an obsession).
Not Your Typical Forums: I got sucked into the pregnant/expecting forums early on, which can be fairly overwhelming if you are new to the community. Instead of a typical forum, people can ask questions that have poll answers, instead of a thread. You have 140 characters to create a question, and can narrow your audience from “Anyone can answer” to women who are at the same point in pregnancy, same age, same location, or other things like first timers, repeat, stay at home moms, having multiples, active moms, vegetarians, etc. Posts also expire after a certain period, so there’s not a backlog of material necessarily. To me, this format seems friendlier/less scary than the forums which, for me, created a lot of fear about everything that could go wrong.
So, Ovia is my new favorite app, and if you are pregnant or expecting, I highly suggest looking into it! It keeps me on the right track, and is one of the only apps for tracking things that I actually update on a daily basis.
If you are/have been pregnant, did you use an app?
Do you track activity or meals? If so, what are your favorite apps for doing so?
What’s your favorite weird but cute animal?


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