Happy International Women’s Day!

There are a couple things I wanted to highlight today, because I know some pretty awesome ladies in real life and have a few awesome women role models that I thought I’d share with everyone.

Being a woman, and being a human in general, requires having a bit of resilience and grit. I won’t go into my past too much, but there are times when being a woman is downright scary. But, there’s a lot of good that comes with the territory.

For instance, I am currently pregnant, and I’m pretty much in love with the experience. It’s not something for all women, and that’s cool. While I’m not as graceful about it all the time (“Why are my hips so big??” “I’m a runner, why is it impossible suddenly?” “My acne wasn’t even this bad in high school!”), I do love the changes that are happening. So far, I’m even able to keep working two jobs and maintain a decent workout schedule. Our bodies are pretty crazy, pregnant or not!

Post Insanity Workout and feeling good 🙂

Whatever your situation, remember that you are capable of pretty amazing things, and only YOU can decide what your limits are.

Okay, onto the Women’s Day stuff- here’s a breakdown of my real life lady inspirations, women runners, bloggers/podcasters, and organizations that I wanted to highlight today.

Real Life 

In real life, I’m part of a Facebook Challenge Group that revolves around fitness/nutrition. I am not one to post a lot on social media, but challenge groups are my jam! They’re more private and people opt-in, meaning they want to be there and hear about workouts and health things every day all day, so I feel less annoying about posting that stuff. The group I’m currently in for the month is all ladies, and it’s just a lot of fun 🙂 Having a group of ladies who share a goal, no matter what it is, forms a sense of community, even if I’ve never actually met some of them in real life!

My boss at my full time job started her business almost 10 years ago in a still male dominated industry. I’ve always admired her work ethic and tenacity, and since then she’s even started another business. Talk about a boss 🙂 As someone who’s less entrepreneurial-minded, I appreciate this quality in others.

In terms  of my family, I’m blessed to have role models in both grandmothers, my mom, aunts, and cousins. We all have taken some different paths in life, but all share the “family is everything” mentality. These women have been through extreme health battles, loss, joy, and overwhelming obstacles. Whenever I have a “There’s no way I can do this” moment, all I have to do is think of my family.

My friend group is also a rock solid group of people. You’ve probably heard those quotes about surrounding yourself with people who lift you up rather than tear you down, and that perfectly describes my friends. I think we are all supportive of one another in our own ways.

Turns out I have super thoughtful friends who also wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day

Women Runners

Bobbi Gibb: first woman to complete the Boston Marathon a little over 50 years ago (and she ROCKED it, I might add). You can read more about her in this Women’s Running article or listen to this interview with Julia Hanlon of Running on Om.

Joan Benoit Samuelson: I’m not sure you can be a runner from Maine and not know who Joanie is! She’s an inspirational person and runner, breaking records left and right. Plus, she gives back to the community and founded the TD Beach to Beacon 10k Road Race in 1998.

Shalene Flanagan: I’d heard the name but never really followed until spring 2013, when I was gearing up for my first marathon and watched the Boston Marathon Elite Women’s race live. Watching Shalene run that race was the first spark of wanting to qualify. I’ve qualified twice now, but unfortunately have to bow out this year, but I’m taking some comfort in knowing I’m in good company (and wish Shalene a speedy recovery!).

Kara Goucher: Another amazing elite runner, I find her ability to balance her running career with family life incredibly inspirational and hope to do that on my own someday.
Lauren Fleshman: I love that Lauren is also a writer, and willing to share vulnerable experiences. Plus she runs Picky Bars which creates “real food bars” that fuel anyone on the go, and I love the names they’ve come up with!
Stephanie Bruce: Another mom runner, who a few years ago was very open about her pregnancy experience and body changes. I remember following these stories and thinking “I hope I can be that brave when it’s my time.” After having two kids, she is back on the ground and running.

Favorite Bloggers/Podcasters

Running On Om: Unfortunately this not an active podcast anymore, but I had a lot of awesome “AHA!” moments listening to these interviews. Also, it’s made by a fellow Bates Alum 🙂

Real Talk with Nicole Antoinette: “The podcast that’s filled with refreshingly honest conversations about the wonderful mess of being human.” Nicole interviews 8 people each season, and each has a unique message, reminding us that our journeys may not look the same but we can all learn something from one another.

Hungry Runner Girl: One of the first blogs I ever started reading 3 years ago and I still look forward to it every day!

Run Eat Repeat: This blog has an amazing sense of humor, and like HRG, isn’t all running all the time, and it’s really interesting to see how

Carrots N Cake: A newer blog for me to follow but I especially love the Monday Meals posts 🙂

Oiselle (Women’s Running/Athletic Apparel)
International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate the women in our lives. Take some time to thank the women (and men) who make a difference in your life, today and other days 🙂
Who are some women that inspire you?
Who are some of your favorite bloggers/podcasters/companies (male or female)?
Have you ever dealt with limiting beliefs? How did you/are you planning to approach them?
Happy International Women’s Day!
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