Living on the coast in Maine, a lot of my family’s decor is inspired by the ocean. Mom has jars and jars of seaglass, and I can’t help but gather at least a pocketful of shells every time I go down to the beach. When it comes to nautical DIY projects, we have a lot of raw material.

Anyway, Mom somehow acquired a fairly “bleh” lamp and decided to make it a bit more coastal. The only additional materials for this mussel lamp were a hot glue gun (I don’t know how many sticks she went through- maybe 5? I have a fairly small glue gun), roughly 2-3 gallons of whole mussel shells (washed down to remove sand/seaweed), and a TON of patience.


As you can see, some of the mussels were emptied into the base of the lamp itself (there may even be some seaglass in there, too). The rest were glued to the lampshade one layer at a time. It’s one of my favorite lamps, and it’s actually quite heavy. (Sidenote- I really love the blue color of the wall in my mom’s guest bedroom. Everything in this room, from the lamp, the wall, the bed and being buried in my grandmother’s quilts, is very soothing). The gluing took the longest, and there may have been some burnt fingertips involved…but look at how well it came out! Personally, I think it’s standard to burn yourself at least once during a hot glue gun craft, but then again maybe I’m doing it wrong…

In other Monday news, since I slept over downeast, I got up very early (5 a.m.) to get a run in before the 1 hour drive to Bar Harbor. Today was 7 miles on the treadmill (since it was still dark out and I’m not supposed to fall down, doctor’s orders). I loosened up on the bike for 10 minutes before which my legs thanked me for. A lot of people have strong opinions about treadmill running, so here’s my two cents. I always prefer to run outside, but sometimes the weather or other conditions make it impossible to get out. In this case, I actually like running on the treadmill- I’m alone, on a treadmill I like, doing my own thing for as long as I need. If I need to hop off for whatever reason, I can jump back on no problem.

My LEAST favorite type of treadmill running is at the gym. Unfortunately, I can’t get more than 4 miles in at a time due to the half hour time limit (there are 4-5 treadmills and usually I hit the after work rush of people trying to work out). It’s harder to jump ship to run to the bathroom or grab the water bottle you forgot without potentially sacrificing your spot. It’s probably a completely mental thing, but home treadmill > gym treadmill.

What are your opinions on treadmill running?

Are you a fan of DIY crafting? Any hot glue gun mishaps?

Make Something Monday: Mussel Shell Lamp
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